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Selling your stuff at the flea is a fast and easy way to make some extra cash on the weekends!



You have the ability to start your own business and watch it grow



You can rent a space as little as $36/day to start



Get in front of thousands of customers every weekend



Enjoy selling your stuff at a bargain hunters paradise



Sell your stuff for just the day or the weekend! No long term contracts needed!

“I have sold here for over 25 years. I love the diversity of the market. New people every week. I believe people are looking for used and antique items more and more.”


Gabe | Space #348

“I love the flea market for it’s openness, amazing diversity of vendors, and the family friendly activities and food!”

Supermax Comics & Collectibles | Space #523-525

“Great place to sell collectibles and meet new people. Fun for all ages.”

Home of Heroes & Collectibles | Space #530-531



Rules & Regulations

Know the rules before you start selling at the market. Click here for Colorado Springs Flea Market Rules & Regulations.

What Can't I Sell?

The sale, display, or distribution of merchandise that infringes upon copyrighted designs or materials or bears counterfeit trademarks is strictly prohibited.  Examples of counterfeit merchandise are but not limited to DVD’S, Nike tennis shoes, Louis Vuitton, Coach Pocketbooks, Polo, Gucci and Ed Hardy etc.

Can I Sell Any Food and Beverage?

Any food or drink items must be approved before you sell them, if the food items are to be consumed on the premises.  Any homemade food items that are approved by the Flea Market must be made in a health department approved kitchen.  Any food preparation, sampling and/or giveaway is strictly prohibited.

Can I Bring or Sell Alcohol?

No alcoholic beverages are to be brought onto Colorado Springs Flea Market property by Patrons or Sellers to be consumed, sold, or given away. This will result in expulsion from the CSFM, daily selling privileges revoked, and/or termination of lease with no refunds.

How Much Space Do I Have?

The Management Company designates the Spaces. Seller must keep all merchandise and operate within the space.  Any additions or alterations to space or buildings require written permission of management.  Walkways and driveways are fire and ambulance lanes. Courtesy for your neighbor is to be used in the display of your merchandise and signs.  View of your neighbor’s merchandise should not be blocked as you are looking down the aisle.  Any signs are to be hung in such a manner that they will not be a safety hazard, and prior approval from the office is required.  Vendors must stay within the yellow painted boundary lines.

Can I Get a Refund?

Each reservation is non-refundable. We do give full credit to bad weather days, but do not give refunds. A bad weather credit day is a day where the market is unable to open due to adverse weather. We do not allow reservation changes to be made on the same day.

Can I Sell Animals?

Animals are not allowed to be sold or given away on CSFM property. Dogs on leashes or in Pet Carts are authorized in the Market, owners are responsible for cleanup of their pets. There are pet rest areas located in the market. Pets must be well behaved, vicious or unruly pets will not be tolerated, owners’ and pets will be asked to leave the market.

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